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Tips || March 815-PL High Temperature Brewing Pump - High Flow

How to apply Plumber's Tape

Plumber's Tape, also called Thread Seal Tape, should be applied to your threads in a clockwise rotation. As a general rule use 3 wraps for brass and 5 wraps for stainless steel fittings.

Convert your standard March Pump to a High Flow!

If you have an old March Pump, you can quickly and easily convert it over to be similar to the High Flow version by changing the impeller inside the head. The High Flow impeller is part number H315i, and is larger than the standard impeller.

Don't Snap or Cross-Thread Your Pump

Threading stainless steel on to plastic can be difficult, and it is somewhat easy to cross-thread the plastic threads when doing this. To help prevent this from happening, use a healthy amount of plumbing tape on the male threads. Also, make sure that the stainless fitting that you're threading on is straight and not crooked when you start threading, rather than when you're done.

A Primer on Your March Pump

We put a stainless tee and ball valve combination to the front of our H315HF March Pump to allow us to prime the pump and remove any air from the lines (which can cause cavitation in the pump head). The primer is installed on the inlet to allow the air out prior to getting caught in the pump's head. Checkout our H320 to see how the pumps should be assembled (the way they're setup on our BrewSculptures).

Threading stainless to plastic

When threading stainless steel to plastic, you'll want to use some caution. The plastic threads are easy to cross-thread, and tightening too far will potentially snap the threads. Thread the fitting on slowly, and make sure it's going on straight from the start.