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Great Father's Day Gifts for Beer Lovers

Face it. This year you should get Dad a Father’s Day gift that is meaningful and different. CRAFTR has the best ideas for beer gifts for Dad like a beer of the month club membership, beer appliances, beer clothing, home brewing kits and man baskets containing cool beer gifts from BroBasket. Be a good kid and read on to discover some of the best beer gifts for Father’s Day this year. Or, if you are a dad and want to hint around at something cool, check out what we've got going on down below!

He’s got thousands of ties, dozens of pairs of slippers, tools, cologne, electric razors, barbecue aprons, coffee mugs and a mess of other hastily-purchased last-minute gifts up the wazoo. Do you really want to be the person who adds to Dad’s garage sale of personal possessions this Father’s Day? Or do you want to be the one who gives Dad a cool and unique gift he can really use? Dad’s and beer go together like a boy and his dog. Beer is a friend you can turn to when you’re happy or sad. A beer is always ready to play when you are. And a beer will slobber all over you when it gets excited. Imagine Dad on Father’s Day, opening the gift from his smart, thoughtful and soon-to-be favorite child, and really liking it.

CRAFTR has the power to help you give the guy in your life an awesome gift this year and be the envy of everyone who was stupid enough to go old school. Not sure what to gift? CRAFTR has stuff everyone can afford and can match your Dad’s likes, needs and personality. So, pay attention! Don’t make me turn this car around.


Everybody has an insulated tumbler. But does Dad have one this cool with the CRAFTR dude on it? He’ll feel like a real badass drinking beer out of this double-walled stainless steel beauty. And if he needs a coffee in the morning while driving to work, this tumbler is great at keeping beverages hot, too. The CRAFTR original cup is available in black, white and amber. Truly proper glassware. And, even though your dad is wonderful and keeps track of many things (like the money you owe him), you know he’s probably going to lose track of this cup at some point, so you’d better buy two.

GrowlerWerks Pressurized Growler

Instead of carrying a six pack, imagine the entrance Dad will make showing up at the neighbor’s barbecue with a gallon of cold beer to share in this mini keg from GrowlerWerks. Copper plated and sleek-looking, it will keep cold beer cold and fresh all day long. Using the CO2 cartridge provided and the pressure gauge, Dad can dial in the carbonation the way he wants it, and GrowlerWerk’s VPR cap maintains the pressure. No worries about rough handling if Dad indulges a little too much. This growler is made from double-walled stainless-steel and vacuum insulated to make it durable. Plus, it won’t break like a glass growler. A really cool feature allows the tap handle to be replaced so it can be customized for Dad’s favorite brands.

PicoBrew beer brewing appliance

This PicoBrew beer brewing appliance is a “set it and forget it” way for Dad to brew his own beer while he’s parked on the couch channel surfing or out tinkering in the garage. Everything he needs to brew a 1.3-gallon batch of home brew is included and it only takes about 2 hours. PicoBrew’s PicoPaks have easy to use clone recipes to make tasty craft beers from great breweries all over the US including Flying Bike, Barbarian, Steel Toad and Lucky Envelope. If the old man can drag himself off the couch at halftime, or get off the riding lawnmower for a little while, he can transfer the wort to the keg (provided) and pitch the yeast. He’ll have his favorite craft beer on tap in a few days and he can proudly say he made it himself.


The loving, dedicated and grateful child makes sure Dad gets new and exciting craft beers delivered right to his front door. Enter the Original Craft Beer Club. Whether it’s monthly, every other month or quarterly, the man who raised you and changed your disgusting diapers will receive a dozen beers in 4 different styles (admit it – it’s hardly fair compensation, but it helps). Some of the participating breweries include Evil Genius, Spider Bite, O’Fallon, Rahr & Sons and Baderbraü. Membership in this beerclub also includes informative bathroom reading in the form of a monthly beer newsletter with stories about beer ingredients and the history of beer styles.


As much as he may enjoy it, you can’t let Dad run around the yard naked. Help save him from the fingerprinting and mug shots by getting him at least half-dressed in a t-shirt he will love to wear. The bold and colorful designs on these CRAFTR shirts make him the envy of his friends. Choose one with the awesome CRAFTR logo or the "BEER…BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DRINK BACON" style. These shirts come in sizes up to 2XL to accommodate even big Dads.


Sit down! Don’t stick your arm out the window! Stop hitting your sister! You just went to the bathroom, dammit! Don’t spit out the window! How many dads are tired of yelling these and other choice words at a steaming carload of ungrateful and rude kids while on summer vacation? Your brilliant idea for Father’s Day this year is to give Dad a BEERCATION. Taste Vacations offers beer touring vacation packages to the craft beer mecca of Colorado. The tour includes attending the Great American Beer Festival and the Denver Rare Beer Tasting as well as tours and tastings at famous Colorado craft breweries like Avery, New Belgium, Oskar Blues and the Boulder Beer Company. If Dad really wants to get the hell away and escape for a while, send him to take in the sights, sounds and beers of Belgium. This 7-day Taste Vacations adventure includes visiting monks brewing in ancient abbeys, an array of Belgian foods and a trip to the Brugs Beertje beer café which has over 300 beers on tap. Just the sight of that tap wall will probably make Dad cry and think that, just maybe, it was worth putting up with you all those years.


No basket of sausage & cheese crap for Dad this year. Having a beer basket delivered from BroBasket will show Dad that you appreciate him and understand what he loves. In addition to the variety of beer gift baskets featuring IPA’s, stouts, porters, and lagers, "The Ultimate Gift for Men" bucket lets you customize the styles to suit Dad’s tastes. The "Double Beer Double Snacks" selection has 11 beers and comes in a large reusable BroBasket tub. Or, you can satisfy the meat eater instincts in your father with the "Beer & Beef Jerky Gift Crate" with 5 packs of jerky and 6 cans of craft beer to wash it all down. All the BroBasket choices come with cool extras like pint glasses, coasters, koozies and openers. A craft beer basket from BroBasket is a unique gift that will be the highlight of Father’s Day for Dad.

Fizzics WayTap beer dispenser 

Is your Dad a gadget guy? Even if he’s not, here’s a great gift that will make his beer drinking time even more fun and enjoyable, and make him forget all the lousy presents you’ve given him before. The Fizzics WayTap beer dispenser is easy to use and enhances the flavor, aroma, taste and mouthfeel of already terrific craft beer. It works by creating a tight foamy head on the beer that traps all the aromas and flavors in the bubbles and releases them when you take a drink. The unit works with everything from a 12oz can to a 64oz growler. The result is a smooth and creamy mouthfeel while enjoying all the other aspects of the style. And it’s just looks really cool, too. When the guys come over and ask, “What’s that?” Dad can show off his new toy to his friends.


If your Dad is anything like mine, he’s a guy who likes stuff made of wood. Not a cutting board or a picture frame. We're talking dignified, manly stuff made of wood. So what if there was something manly, made of wood & he could use it to carry his beer? There is! And, it will make the perfect gift for Father’s Day. These unique hand-made carriers are manufactured in the US and are nailed and glued at the joints for durability. The carrier even has a bottle opener mounted conveniently on the side. Dad will feel like a rugged mountain man when he is carrying his beer in this rustic-looking and richly-stained carrier.


The freedom to be a couch or lawn chair potato is highly valued by Dads. It ranks right up there with walking around the house in his underwear. You interfered with Dad enjoying a lot of his treasured relaxation time when you were a kid, so now it’s time to pay up, baby. Give Dad his very own personal and portable refrigerator/freezer. It holds 23 cans of beer so it doesn’t matter if no one is around to get him another cold one while he’s watching TV or in the back yard. The unit is so portable that he can take it on picnics, fishing trips with the guys, barbecue parties, and to the neighbors. It’s also perfect for game day at the house to keep him and his friends from tromping back and forth to the refrigerator in the kitchen.


Dads teach us all kinds of things while we are growing up and they share their wisdom with us so we can get through life in one piece. You can turn the tables this Father’s Day and educate Dad by giving him The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth. This informative, easy to read and well-illustrated book covers characteristics of all the major beer styles and expands to talk about substyles, brewing methods, ingredients, evaluating beer and how to serve it properly. The book also has a section on pairing food with beer, which may come as a surprise to Dad---that there’s more than chips, pretzels, pizza and bacon that go with drinking beer. A bonus is that it’s small enough to fit on any shelf in the bathroom in between readings.


When it’s time to entertain, Dad can roll out this awesome Nostalgia 5.1 cubic foot kegerator and blow everyone away with fresh draft beer. It comes with its own CO2 tank and regulator and is compatible with kegs up to a honking ½ barrel size (that’s over 160 12oz beers!). In addition to letting guests help themselves, Dad can be the bartender and fill beers as he beams with pride while talking about his shiny stainless steel friend. Even during the quiet times when it’s just him and his kegerator enjoying a moment together, an investment in this Father’s Day gift will give Dad pleasure for many years to come.


Check it out. Here’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for your Dad’s beer cave/man cave, or maybe the kitchen to show the coolness factor of the whole family. A lot of work went into creating this poster which shows how all the major beer styles are related to each other by ingredients and geography. Dad can broaden his beer knowledge and become a major beer trivia nerd---a useful skill any guy can use. It’s also a great conversation starter when grandma comes over.


Northern Brewer has a long and successful history of getting people started in home brewing with their beer kits and supporting them as they advance their skills. There are lots of homebrewing beer kits out there; many thrown together with brew supplies that can be inferior and old. Trust me when I say you can count on Northern Brewer to use high-quality ingredients in a kit that will make Dad a successful home brewer on his first try. All he needs is a brew pot, empty bottles and the kit and he’s ready to go. Dad will thank you when you put his beer destiny in his own hands.


Collecting and displaying beer caps shows that you like awesome decorations, you love beer and that you plan to drink lots of it. Every time Dad looks at this craft beer shadow box, he will reminisce about the beers he has enjoyed (well, the ones he can remember) and the beer times he has shared with the guys, friends and family. This 12” x 4” x 12” box is perfect for any room and beats the hell out of just throwing the caps away.

With these great gift ideas, there’s no excuse for getting Dad a crappy Father’s Day present this year. Beer gifts are perfect for almost every Dad, whether is a beer of the month club membership or a beer gift basket (man baskets are becoming popular now), this is the kind of gift that will let him know you really put some thought into it. You can never fully repay your father for all he has done and sacrificed for you. But you can help him forget about it for a while with the gift of beer.