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What's your Craft?

We spend a lot of time around here talking about Craft'r -- as a cup, as a company, and as an idea of how this insulated cup can continue to "hold cold" better than the rest. We talk about our best breweries, the dedication of independent and artisan brewers, our favorite brews --- basically all things craft beer.

One day, while discussing our favorite things, it hit us: the word "craft" sums up why we love what we do! (full disclosure: we may have been enjoying a couple during the discussion)

The definition of craft is, "An activity involving skill in making things by hand; an exercise skill in making something." Whether it's building something physically, or mentally, we all have something that is our craft.

Think about it. Craft'r is completely dedicated to craft beer. We celebrate brewmasters who excel in their craft. We craft cups for all kinds of people who bring passion & dedication to the things that they craft. And, with the launch of our new Freedom Edition cups, we are recognizing heroes - the military and first-responders that fight for us and whose craft makes our day-to-day lives possible.

At this point, we think it's craft love.

Over the coming weeks, we're going to delve more into this "craftlove" concept. Be it beer, carrying out acts of freedom, or being an expert at the things you craft in your job & life every day---we want to celebrate it.

Play along with us & show us your how you love your craft! Tag us in your pictures @waragainstwarm. Use the hashtag #craftlove. (Throw in #waragainstwarmbeer & #holdcold if you really want us to find you fast.) We want to share your craft, your story, and why you love what you do!