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There's no brew like home(brew)


There's beer, then there's craft beer. Craft breweries exist at every scale: national, state-wide, in cities and communities, and in our neighborhoods where we go to get our local craft beer fix.

For some, these places & experiences are enough. Then there's you.

You know there's nothing more local, or more crafted, than a DIY home brew. While the 16th Century Germans who passed and abided by the food law that lager could only contain water, barley and hops would balk at the concept of experimental home brewing, we think it's about time that you channeled your inner enthusiast to be a true craft beer snob and BREW YOUR OWN DAMN BEER.

We've got the tools & technology. Check out this link for a checklist of our recommendations for the stuff you need to embrace your experimental spirit.

Also, our featured A-Lister this week is Justin Cross!

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We've been digging Justin's Instagram page for more than just his mighty beard. 

He's a Navy Vet and serious about fitness, nutrition, fun and craft beer.

We really enjoy that Justin does beer a solid by crafting his own home brews. He brews everything from blonde ales to blueberry lemongrass (which we are dying to taste) to branching into craft mead making, We kind of geek out on his science-y posts too (and that pool in the background of a few fave pics).

Follow him on IG to see the latest & click here to see the stuff we've got up our homebrew sleeves.