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Strangeways Brewing ~ a Bizarre & Tasty Odyssey

Location: Richmond, VA
The Beer (aka Signature Brews): Strangeways has the motto of "Think Strange. Drink Strange," and they have both classic and "strange" brews on tap year round. Their "nucleus" series is their core & is available all the time. Belgian style IPAs, Whites, and Ales dominate this list. Aside from the signature brews, Strangeways has an impressive list of unusual combinations that run the gamut from fruity, to spicy, to flowery, to just downright weird. In a good way. Trust us. Fan of Sours & Wilds? Go for a sinister sip of the Beyond The Ouija Tripel Oak Brett because ordering it is as much of a tongue twister as tasting it. Not a fan of sours? You still need a taste of the Wake Me Up Before You Gose, which aside from infusing Wham! into your brain, will make your mouth do a happy dance at the tart, lemon finish.
We enjoyed:  Ok, we admit it. We dove head first into the Curiosities section of Strangeways. The Saint~Germain Berliner Weisse was fruity, flowery, refreshing and a bit tart. We started and ended with it and want it on tap year round. Looking for holiday cheer? Go for the Cocoa Candy Cane Woodbooger Belgian Style Brown Ale on the curious combinations page, or the Oak Barrel Aged Gingerbread Gourd of Thunder Imperial Pumpkin Porter. Read about that mouthful here.

Why we love this place (aka the Story): Strangeways has a great collection of beers. From solid to weird, they excel at their craft. Their brews also have the Best. Damn. Names. Ever. Don't believe us? Here's a sampling: How Soon Is Now Double IPA, Legalize it Come Together Hoppy Wheat Ale, Phantasmic Belgian IPA, Gingerbread BOOM!, Must Be Nice, and other nods to music & alt culture. Scroll through their beer series & vault.They also have a Laboratory to keep things interesting.

Characters met: Pretty much everyone from Smiths & Bowie fans to professional 'haunters' were onsite that night celebrating something. It was also trivia night - so some seriously smart beer aficianados were competing for cash. Yes, we met a guy in a pope robe & the Mad Hatter. They like craft beer too.

Strangeways also has a "Walken" freezer. If you don't find that funny, you're not funny.

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