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Hoof Hearted Beer, in the Florida Room, with the Craft'r

Brew: Florida Room

Style: Dry-hopped pilsner

Brewery: Hoof Hearted Brewing


From our Craft'r Nation friend, Abe:

"Next up something I hauled today from Hoof Hearted Brewing. I walked into Hoof Hearted intending to get their coffee, but ended up in the brew section. Their Florida Room is a dry-hopped pilsner with a pleasant nose which doesn't give me any strong stand out aromas. However, the first sip greeted me with a ton of the hop factors, though there is definite evidence of pilsner in the beer too. It's just a BOLD pilsner!

I love this brew because of its very low ABV and it is easy to drink. It is extremely bitter - oh man man man - so if you don't like that, beware. 

Hoof Hearted is definitely one of my go-to breweries here in Ohio. They are good at what they do.

Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & I'm drinking it RIGHT NOW."

Abe Bogere is a craft beer, craft coffee, wine, fitness, & Craft'r lover living in Columbus, OH. You can follow his Instagram & reviews @longbluesquid. We think he's pretty awesome.

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