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Cicerone certified, A-Lister, & all-around beer badass

We posted about "One Hoppy Lady" on our Instagram account before, but we thought she deserved a blog post all of her own. She is one of our coolest A-Listers who holds her bevvies cold in an Original Edition CRAFT'R.

Bella, aka One Hoppy Lady, is a Cicerone certified beer lover. Don't know what "Cicerone" (sis-uh-rohn) certified means? Basically, it's a certification intended for professionals who work with beer to designate them "with proven experience in selecting, acquiring, and serving today's wide range of beers." You can see the origin of this explanation and learn more about this certification here.

This hoppy gal has has captured our interest based on the types of brews she highlights on her blog and on her Instagram account. From DIPAs to Sours to Lambics and Wild Ales, Bella runs the gamut for what she holds cold. 

Also, her CRAFTR A-Lister status is ON-POINT! As part of the War Against Warm Beer tribe, Bella has referred quite a few of her followers back to us so that they can Hold Cold just like she does. By using her A-Lister link in her Instagram account, her followers know where they can go to get themselves some proper glassware for all of their craft beer drinking needs.