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American Craft Beer Week & Beer It Forward

"Never, in the history of these United States, has there ever been a better time to enjoy beer." (Beer It Forward, 

We happen to agree with the folks over at and their reasoning behind why we should all #BeerItForward. Quite simply, the concept is to "pay it forward" but within the craft beer community, most notably by buying someone a craft beer. Not only will you be connecting with someone over a social (and tasty) cold one, you'll be supporting craft brewers who dedicate their lives to bringing us all great brews over which we enjoy great times.

This past week was American Craft Beer Week and cities and states with high concentrations of craft breweries celebrated in style. If you didn't have a chance to "Beer It Forward" during the past week, we're encouraging you to keep it going throughout the summer. Oh, and why not ensure that craft beer stays cold? Want to #WarAgainstWarmBeer with us? ---> HOLD COLD HERE!

Want to read more about "beering" it forward? Check out the rest of the article on by clicking >> HERE <<.


image from A-Listers Dave & Mindy @outoftheofficewithdaveandmindy